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Membership / Rewards Policy

As a Blue Angel Rewards member, you will earn free food and drinks rewards whether you pay with cash, credit card or Blue angel gift card in store and online.

Please understand that our online Membership Rewards is not synchronized into store membership rewards program due to technical issues at this moments 


1. When you use $1, you will get $.05 rewarded (it counts1 point)

2. When you get 200 points, you will earn $10.00 coupon printed in our store system, Online Rewards will be applied automatically when it reaches the redemption amount.

3. You can only use one coupon at a time, We are not responsible for lost store coupon. Our POS system is not designed to reprint lost coupon again.

4. We are going to send a monthly deal to our membership users by text message. We are not allowed to share or sell our customers information other than our marketing purpose.

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